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The town of Brušperk is situated in the middle of the area between the towns of Ostrava, Frýdek–Místek, Kopřivnice and Bílovec, in the region titled Lachia (Lašsko). It is situated along both embankments of the Ondřejnice river. The historical town on the right embankment, more recent part – Basic School, Nursery School, sport stadium, and family houses on the left side. The town is situated at the height of 260 m above the sea level, the river bottom 235 m above the sea level. The St. Marcus Hill, situated 312 m above the sea level, is the highest peak. The Brušperk town emblem comprises a figure of St. George, patron of the town in a knight armor on a horse, all of that in the silver color, on the red background. St. George holds a lance in his hand by which it kills a symbol of the Evil, drake of a green color. The town flag consists of two colors, red heraldic cross on the white background.

A cadastre area of the town covers 1026 ha. From that, 770.5 ha agricultural lands, 124.6 ha forestry, 23.9 ha water surface, 34.4 ha built-up area, 72.6 ha other area. The town is a member of the union of towns and villages of Fryčovice, Hukvaldy, Kateřinice, Kozlovice, Krmelín, Lhotka, Palkovice, Stará Ves n./O., Staříč, and it is titled Sdružení měst a obcí povodí Ondřejnice (Association of Towns and Villages in the Ondřejnice River Basin), Region Beskydy (Beskydy Region), Svaz měst a obcí ČR (Union of Towns and Villages of the Czech Republic), Sdružení historických sídel Čech, Moravy a Slezska (Association of Historical Settlements of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia), and member of Sdružení obecních televizí (Association of Municipal TV Broadcasting).

The Brušperk native, Ing. Ivan Krupník, has been a Mayor of the town for the second electoral term already, Deputy Mayor being Jiři Pasyk. The Municipal Council consists of 5 members, Municipal Board consists of 15 members.

A historical part of the town consists of a municipal monumental zone, which essential part comprises a square with Baroque statues of St. Trinity and St. John of Nepomuk, burgher houses, especially house numbers 9, 13, 14 in the lower line of the houses, where the arcade has been well preserved. Petite shops on ground floors in the houses were revived again in 1990s, being its credit. Also houses in its upper line bright by light colors. Since 1919, the square has been bearing the name of J. A. Comenius. There are numerous historical monuments in the town. Stone crosses, statues, burgher houses, chapels, wind mill, preserved trees. The St. George ´s Church with two side chapels and 43 m high tower is the most significant monument. The Church premises are protected by a wall with small chapels of the Cross Way. A vicarage is situated next to the church. There are three schools in the town. The Basic School, Nursery School, Basic Art School. The Basic School bears a name of the native and writer Vojtěch Martínek.

The Municipal Office consists of two Departments – Building Authority, and Department of Finance, Property and Internal Affairs. The Building Authority plays a role of the building authority for cadastral towns and villages of Hukvaldy, Fryčovice, Krmelín. The Town Hall is also a seat of the municipal library, which acquired new premises with fashionably equipped internet workplaces after the overhaul. It is authorized to perform regional functions. Rooms on the ground floor in the Town Hall are used by the Club of Seniors. Always on the first day in month, the municipality issues the Brušperk Bulletin, a magazine of actions, cultural and sport events in the town. The Information Center was founded in order to provide information, arrangement of cultural events, services to town citizens as well as visitors. Periodic news to citizens are provided also by the town TV broadcasting. The cultural life of the town is variegated by pupils and teachers of the Basic School and Basic Art School giving performances. Most recently, also students of the Conservatory and high schools started to provide their performances.

The rich cultural activity in the town is provided by the Mixed Chorus Lašan, which performances represent the town in the large surrounding, Brass – Band Beseda, Rock Band Mlock, Rock Band JaraBend, Alibaba Group, Cimbalom Music by the Basic Art School, Chamber Chorus Brušperk. A great care is provided to their members and favorers by four sport organizations and Club of Czech Tourists. The Volunteer Fire Company has more than a hundred year tradition, and provides and develops successfully the activity of young people.

Town of Brušperk


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